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  • What’s on Tap

    What’s on Tap

    We carry an amazing array of local and international beers. Our tap menu is always kept up-to-date to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

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  • Beer Tastings

    Beer Tastings

    Every Friday and Saturday evenings we conduct beer tastings so that our customers get an idea about the latest beers we have on offer and make an informed decision.
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    Bottled Brews

    We carry a wide variety of bottled brews from breweries locally and all over the world, making us one of the top destinations for many types of beers.
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Are you a beer lover? Do you stay in the Forsyth County area? Then, you sure have heard about Southern Filling Station Growler Shop. Located in Cumming, GA, we are Metro Atlanta’s favorite growler store of choice. With an incredible selection of on tap beers, bottled brews, convenient location, competitive rates and superb customer service, we are the best growlers in the area.

Why Growlers?

Aside from the incredible taste benefit that comes with drinking from a growler, growlers are a much greener alternative to packaged bottles and cans, as they are reusable. Did you know that the average American wastes about 425 beverage containers per year? This is twice the amount that makes it to the recycling centers! This energy consumption is equivalent to 36 million barrels of crude oil per year and generates 4.5 million tons of greenhouses gases annually. Not only is this toxic to our air and water, it is extremely damaging to the health and habitats of wildlife. Click here to learn more about this on the Container Recycling Institute website.

You can make a difference in the world around you just by drinking a cold tasty beer from a growler. So do a good deed. Come in and fill up today!

How It Works

  1. Choose a beer from our menu.
  2. Choose a growler:
    – 32 oz: $5
    – 64 oz: $5
    – set of 4 16 oz. flip top bottles: $12
    – set of 6 16 oz. screw cap bottles: $12
    – or bring your own bottle from home – clean and with the cap
  3. We fill your growler and place a heat seal on it, which makes it a closed container.
  4. Don’t forget to purchase a koozie for your growler!

FACT: With a heat seal the beer will stay fresh up to 3 weeks. It also needs to remain refrigerated to maintain freshness. Tip: Bring a cooler with ice if you plan on traveling with growler for an extended time. When you break the seal it’s good for up to two days depending on beer style.

Note: We do not offer a refund for returned growlers. However, if you have multiple growlers from our establishment you can credit 1 bottle ($5) to the cost of a growler fill. Example: Customer comes in with two bottles purchased at SFS but only wants to fill one. They can credit $5 towards the fill of one growler.

Meet the 4-Pack Growler!

Four 16 oz. bottles, totaling one 64 oz. package.

We also offer a 6-pack option for the same price per set. The only difference is the style (shape) of the bottle.

Now you can select a variety of beers for one low price! No more fights with your significant other or friends over what beer to fill! Wife likes wheat beer, but you prefer IPAs? No problem! With the 4-pack, now everyone is happy!

Example: Customer comes in with two bottles purchased at SFS but only wants to fill one. They can credit $5 towards the fill of one growler. The price of the fill will vary, depending on the beer. The 32 oz. and 64 oz. bottle returns cannot be credited towards a 4-pack fill.

Read What Our Customers Have to Say About Us:

  • “There is no better place in Forsyth County for a growler selection. They always have a wide variety of styles, carry rare and limited releases. They have a newsletter to keep you informed of new stock and the website is a great resource. Desmond knows his beer and can really give you a good recommendation if you’re unsure. Or you can just hit up their Friday tasting and discover something for yourself.”

    Kevin W.
  • “I love this place! I drive over 30 mins because you can’t beat the selection and the service!”

    Secunda R.
  • “Great selection of beers and the prices are spot on.”

    Wilton M.
  • “Great beers, good prices, and nice people! You need to try it!”

    Kelli A.
  • “Micah and the crew do a great job in matching beer to your taste. Can’t tell enough people about them. Graham cracker stout is the BEST. Thanks again. Desmond is doing a fantastic job also.”

    Nick C.

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Stop by Our Shop Today!

When it comes to beers, no one can beat us in prices or taste. From growler fills to tasting events, we do it all under one roof! Stop by our shop today for the best beer in town. We can guarantee you will keep coming back for more!

Low price guarantee: We will match or beat any competitor’s pricing if you find a currently available beer on tap for less within 30 miles!